Tips to Maintain Your Dryer

Keeping your dryer maintained is very important.  It’s extremely important to prevent fires from happening in the home.  Here’s a list of tips to keep your dryer at it’s best:

1. Clean Your Lint Filter: It’s important to not forget this.  Empty your lint filter after every load of clothes.

2. Check Your Exhaust Vents:  Your dryer may be taking longer on each cycle.  If this is happening chances are your exhaust vent may be clogging up.  Check to make sure it is running smooth.

3. Look at the Outside Vents:  This vent at times may be blocked or clogged.  Take the time to make sure air is flowing.

4. Dryer Vent Hose: Your vents dryer hose may need to be replaced.  Vinyl hoses can crack and are not the best.  Get an aluminum hose.

5. Clean Inside and Out:  Don’t forget to wipe down and clean your dryer’s drum as well as the outside of the dryer too.

Follow these tips to keep your dryer in tip top shape.  OIG would be happy to service your dryer if a problem develops.  Contact us at:

(818) 292-2494