HVAC Maintenance Tips for Your System

Keeping your AC/HVAC unit in tip top shape requires some regular maintenance. Here at OIG HVAC and Appliance Repair we have our top maintenance.

1. Clean your evaporator and condensor coils. The evaporator and condensor coils need a cleaning at least once a year.

2. Air Flow. Maximize the air flow around your system. Keep the area around your unit open and clear. Clean of pet hair and debris.

3. Change the Filters. The filters are there to trap debris, dust and germs. They get dirty very easily and should be changed regulary (every 6 mos.)

4. Inspect Exhaust Vents. Keep the exhaust vents cleaned and clear.

5. Check the Refrigerant. As the unit is used the refrigerant will eventually go low. It’s important to keep the refrigerant at proper levels to prevent damage to the unit.

OIG HVAC and Appliance Repair have experienced technicians to maintain your unit properly. Servicing the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley Contact us today (818) 292-2494