Choosing the Right HVAC for Your Home

With the coming summer months air-conditioning is and will be important for the comfort of your family.    What type of HVAC should you get for your home?  What’s the correct size?

1. Size?  It’s reccomended 1-ton capicity for every 600 sq. ft.  This is measured by BTU’s 1 ton = 12,000 BTU’s . In most cases 5-ton unit is acceptable to cool your home.

2. Duct Work?  How’s your duct work and ventilation.  Get and AC pro from OIG to inspect your ducts before replacing your current unit.

3. Proper Insulation?  Do you have the right insulation for your home.  With the proper insulation your home will be energy efficient.

4. Choose the correct furnace to get a higher percentage of AFUE Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency – newer units can run as efficient as 98%

5. Choose the right contractor for the job.

With over a decade of experience OIG is confident we can get you the right HVAC unit to save you time and money.  Call us 818-292-2494 or TEXT US